The best slider for your TYPO3 project!


Listing all Sliders. The individual sliders can be easily managed in-BE module

View of the Preview Area. After save, the Layer Slider runs in backend. Directly below: The listing of the individual slides

All options of the Layer Slider are categorized on the button "Slider Options" accessible. The supplied skins can be used. Or even your own!

Basic Options: For each slide, many values of Layer Sliders can be set easily

There are 100+ 2D transitions and 100+ 3D transitions from the Layer Slider available. On mouseover the effect appears as preview!

TYPO3 File Wizard included. Easy handle of images. Alt & title tags can set too!

Creating an unlimited number of elements on the slide. As the layers look like and where they are placed, can be seen on the "Positioning Stage" of the Layer Slider.

Use the "Layer Styles" can do a lot of formatting. Own inline CSS styles are possible as well as submit your own CSS class.

About "Animation, Effects & timing" can be quite convenient, the layer control in time. From top to bottom, or vice versa but from right to left? Also scaling and rotation is not a problem for the Layer Slider!

The Slider is determined by the place of the plugin "Layer Slider" activated on a page. Select one easy from the sliders in the list.