The TYPO3 Layer Slider extension connects the TYPO3 backend with the Layer Slider. Creating new slides thus becomes child's play. For each slide are a lot of options available to make it unique.

For each slide also new levels can be created with text or images. On the "Positioning Stage", the individual layers are placed on the slider with the mouse to "drag" on the desired position.

The image data for the slides (wallpapers) and for each level (Cutter, smaller images, etc.) can be very easily integrated via drag & drop.

The "Transition Gallery" offers a variety of transitions, whether 2D or 3D. Thus, the transitions can be designed by one slide to the next even more impressive.

The TYPO3 Layer Slider extension is based on the Layer Slider form kreatura media and offers a high level of comfort for all those who do not want to implement the slider with HTML. It provides an own backend to create and edit sliders in no time. To use a Layer Slider on a page only the Layer Slider Plugin has to be placed. In a selection box you can select a slider from all created sliders.